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| Paolo Woods ‘China Wild West’ in Rome |

May 17, 2008

Paolo Woods and journalist Serge Michel, follows China‘s industrial neo-colonialism in African lands at FotoGrafia Rome International Festival of Photography, April 4th – May 25th 2008. The subject choosen for this edition is Seeing normality. Photography portrays daily life that – according to Marco Delogu – shows “how photography for us is the best instrument to describe every day life: a concept that comes from a will to tell normality in opposition to extraordinary”.

Ni hao, ni hao. “I had been walking along a street in Brazzaville only 10 minutes when a merry band of Congolese kids interrupted their ballplaying to greet me. In Africa, white visitors usually hear greetings like “hello, mista” or “hey, whitey,” but these smiling kids lined along the street have expanded their repertoire. They yell “hello” in Chinese, and then they start up their game again. To them, all foreigners are Chinese.” Serge Michel comments in FP.

images via Paolo Woods website

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