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| Warner & Consorten in Madrid |

May 22, 2008

Warner & Consorten is a theatre collective that tells no stories but speaks to the imagination which encompasses artists and designers as well as dancers, musicians and theatre creators. The work of this Netherlands-based company is rooted in the traditions of contemporary performance and the historical avant-gardes. From Dada, they have learned to confront the rigid rules of decency and social behaviour with questions and provocation. From Futurism, to make use of the world’s endless possibilities. From Performance Art, they have learned to engage audiences in the action rather than tell them stories, and that viewers perceive the process to be much more important than the product.

Another source of inspiration is contemporary street art: they work with all the senses, using methods from different disciplines. They have also learned to work in locations with, in the midst of and contrary to the flow of moving audiences. These audiences choose their own viewing point and may move around the space like viewers of the plastic arts.

BOKKESPRONGEN (Jumping of the Goat, image) is the newest performance for the public space; on the street, in parks and squares. This performance moves through the city. Performers mingle seamlessly in the audience. They begin with small actions that only a few people can in the public can follow. The tension builds further until the group comes together and an absurd transformation takes place.

In May they performed at the Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid.

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