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June 2, 2008

The theme of the exhibition After The Net addresses issues dealing with un/openness, in/security, un/stability and systems of control. The selected works are been displayed online and have been selected by openKURATOR, an open submission and presentation platform developed by KURATOR for Observatori 2008.

A preview of some of the selected work.

Hipercontrol^3, Bestiario (2007)
Hipercontrol^3, by Bestiario, is a data navigation machine. The data that confine the space contains 3000 links originated from 3 webpages. These web-pages constitute an investigation based on 3 axis: disorientation, subjectivity/control, video-surveillance for the Zemos98 exhibition.

Infomania, Cyril de Vroom & Jos Wabeke (2008 )
Ubiquitous computing is one of the terms used to describe a new way of interacting with computers and intelligent systems. Computers are able to store, process and transmit information. Over the past couple of decades computers evolved from being as big as a truck to being practically invisible. If you can’t see it , how do you interact with it? And more importantly: How do you control your (personal) information if you’re not even aware of transmitting it?. In Infomania you can listen to compiled interviews with some of the leading experts and critics in the field of ubiquitous computing.

Mypocket, Burak Arikan (2008 )
MYPOCKET discloses the artist’s personal financial records to the world by exploring and revealing essential patterns in the daily transactions of his bank account. These are the records that we usually keep secret, whereas financial institutions intensively analyze them to score our credibility. Archived on the site, the artist’s two years of spending history is analyzed by the custom software to predict future spending; these predictions sometimes determine his future choices, creating a system in which both the software and the artist adapt to one another.

After The Net, Observatori 2008.
9th Festival Internacional de Investigación Artística de Valencia.
6 – 29 June 2008, Spain.
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