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| fragile equilibrium | superdome

July 15, 2008
Superdome May 29 – August 24

Five solo exhibitions

The Superdome is a mythical stadium. Built in 1975 in New Orleans (Louisiana), it has hosted numerous Super Bowls (the American football championship’s final), a Rolling Stones concert, Pope John Paul II, the Republican Convention and refugees of Hurricane Katrina.
Paradoxical, the Superdome builds a bridge between the greatest entertainment and the greatest anguish. Inspired by its additional and schizophrenic logic, mixing ‘I can get no satisfaction’ AND ‘Our Father in heaven’, Marc-Olivier Wahler puts forward SUPERDOME: a new session composed of five solo exhibitions balancing between entertainment and desolation, decibels and prayers, high-tech and chaos, as the continuation of a program testing the notion of the elasticity of art which started at the Palais de Tokyo with Five Billion Years.

Superdome hosts activities that bump into one another, and lives that are in fragile equilibrium, outlining a potential geometry of chaos.

image via hyperexperience

Fabien Giraud & Raphaël Siboni
Last Manoeuvres in the Dark

‘A choir of 350 Darth Vaders fitted with micro-computers that produce the darkest “hit” of all time’

image via flick

Daniel Firman
‘ An elephant precariously balancing on its trunk’

image via frieze

Jonathan Monk
‘Clockmakers who dismantle time with painstaking care’
The exhibition of Jonathan Monk is presented in partnership
with Le musée de la ville de Paris/ arc.

Arcangelo Sassolino
‘A missile launcher that pulverizes empty beer bottles at more than 600 km/h’

image via flick

Christoph Buchel
‘A special project ‘

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