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| Green Pink Caviar | Times Square NY

May 13, 2009

Chewing Color on MTV’s HD billboard at 44th Street in Times Square Presented by Creative Time, 44 ½. Video Exhibition Curated by Marilyn Minter. Screening extended through May 31.

Marilyn Minten_videolink

Green Pink Caviar, a five-minute video by the artist Marilyn Minter

“I wanted to make enamel paintings along the idea of ‘painting with my tongue.” Marilyn Minter

Creative Time, 44 ½, is a series of provocative video works that screen hourly on MTV’s gilded HD screen in Times Square. The first installment, Chewing Color, was curated by artist Marilyn Minter as a means of investigating what she refers to as the “pathology of glamour.” The films include Patty Chang’s Fan Dance, Kate Gilmore‘s Star Bright, Star Might, and Minter’s Green Pink Caviar. Onlookers may be thrown off by Minter’s models, which were shot on low definition video swirling and sucking bakery products from beneath a pane of glass — a distinctly different kind of “sexy” than the commercial advertisements plastered all over Times Square.


Marilyn Minten_02

Still from Green Pink Caviar

Marilyn Minter continues her interest in blurring the boundaries between fine and commercial art. Co-opting advertising genres and related spaces, she takes a new platform to direct her first video. Green Pink Caviar (2009) is a lush and sensual voyeuristic hallucination. Filmed with macro lenses, she captures the most minute movements of female mouths licking candy and cake decoration.

For more on the work, visit Marilyn Minter’s own website.

Marilyn Minter’s Exhibition
Screening schedule may be found on Creative Time’s website.

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