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ExCorpse VOL I _ Formverk



Formverk, Eskilstuna

Exquisite Corpse Video Project and Vitruvian Woman

March 14 – April 19 2009

Press show Friday March 13 at 10.00 am

Exquisite Corpse Video Project and Vitruvian Woman are two international video collaborations, involving over 40 artists from all parts of the world. The exhibition, initiated by the instigators Kika Nicolela, Brazil and Michael Chang, Denmark, opens on Saturday March 14 at 18.00 pm and participating ECVP artists from England, Norway, Denmark and Sweden will also be attending the opening. With these art video projects the artists are forging a new kind of collective consciousness, a sharing and shaping of ideas through both sound and vision. As pioneers of new communications technology, these artists are often called upon to use a second language to communicate with each other and to overcome the diversity of different cultures. Their attempts to work cooperatively have strengthened their respect for each other as artists, as global citizens and as representatives of a new way of connecting people from all corners of our planet.

Exquisite Corpse Video Project

Exquisite Corpse Video Project is an international art video collaboration that started in May 2008. It was instigated by the video artist Kika Nicloela from Sao Paolo, Brazil and initially involved 13 artists from ten countries. The idea is that one artist makes a single one minute video, sending the last ten seconds to the next contributor, who mixes, incorporate and stitches this together with his/her own minute, then sends the last ten seconds of this to the following artist, and so on… The name Exquisite Corpse originates from the Surrealists in the 1920’s, who worked in this manner but with drawing, painting or text. The project started with three threads of corpses, with 8-10 artists participating in each individual thread. These three first threads were premiered in an exhibition held at Formverk in June 2008 and since then the project has grown. The final Exquisite Corpse Video Project Vol.1 has a total of nine threads, with 80 video works by 37 artists from all over the world. Until now the project has been shown in USA, Greece, South Africa, Canada and Brazil. At the present time Exquisite Corpse Video Project Vol.2 is under production, with a different setup that introduces themes for each thread, which the artists work within in.


Vitruvian Woman

Vitruvian Woman is a video project instigated by the artist Michael Chang, Copenhagen, with its world premiere show at Formverk. In this multimedia sculpture 29 artists have collaborated, from across 14 countries. Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketch, The Vitruvian Man, video artists from around the globe are coming together to create a single multimedia sculpture called the The Vitruvian Woman. The body of the sculpture consists of several monitors representing nine regions of The Vitruvian Woman: her head; heart; stomach; sex organ; right arm; left arm; left leg; right leg and feet. Each monitor shows a sequence of five individual video artworks (each three minutes in duration) that embody one of these regions. This results in a high tech, sculptural portrait of The Vitruvian Woman that adds up to fifteen minutes of international video art running simultaneously on nine monitors.

Formverk is a non-profit, artist run exhibition place, an area for cultural events and a project room, established 2004.
The purpose is to show national and international contemporary art and to realize artistic exchange and cooperation.
Formverk allows experimentation in collaboration with artists and public.
‘Our purpose is to realize ideas, develop dialogues and having fun!’
Formverk is situated in Eskilstuna, 110 km west of Stockholm, and is organised as an association.

The artists and curators behind Formverk is Niclas Hallberg and Stina Pehrsdotter.

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