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| Interview with Andreas Templin |

‘Should you describe Andreas Templin’s work in art-historical terms, you would have to call him a neo-situationist, but it is doubtful whether he would like this classification. In any case, he is an artist who, in a practical sense, endows his work with a content that is hardly tangible, but eminently suitable to being experienced. He is the producer of experiences and sensations which he prepares and facilitates with great care. He creates the conditions in which the things he has in mind can best come about. He selects the location, arranges the extras – hundreds, if necessary – takes care of the props, acquires the rights, organizes the distribution, the promotion, the PR and the post-production.’ Alex de Vries

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| What do You Think of Me? interview with Kika Nicolela |


“What do You Think of Me?” developed during the Sumu art residency, Finland .

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