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The Exquisite Corpse Video Project (ECVP) is a unique video collaboration of 26 artists from 13 countries, inspired by the Surrealist invention, the “Exquisite Corpse”.

In the Surrealist ‘game’, a paper is folded such that each contributor sees only a small portion of the previous contributor’s work, and begins his own work from that small portion. When the last participant is finished, the sheet is unfolded to reveal a strangely divergent, yet contiguous form or figure.

Using the semi‐blind, sequential method of the surrealists’ game, ECVP participants create video art in response to the final ten seconds of the previous member’s work. Each member is asked to incorporate these seconds into their piece, creating transitions as they please, until everyone’s vision is threaded together into an instigating final “corpse.”

The videos from the ECVP were created by artists who met online, at, a networking site for artists, galleries, and collectors. The project was instigated and managed by Brazilian video‐artist, Kika Nicolela.

While the Surrealists are said to have created the method almost a century ago, only recently could such a fast‐paced, pan‐global, audiovisual variation of this exercise be produced. The inspiring process of sharing and exchange between and among ‘strangers’ from around the world illuminates and celebrates the possibilities and potentials of globalized, collective creativity.

ECVP attempts to develop its own audiovisual language, via a cross‐fertilization of art forms, opening up a dynamic dialogue between technology‐based art and the more traditional video art. Rather than providing a unitary linear narrative, each participant maintains his/her own style, permeated by the diverse cultural backgrounds. Each individual artist interrogates, via different means, a number of genres, tendencies and strategies, engaging in performative, documental, conceptual and poetic modes of representation.

The ECVP artists are exploring the possibilities of online social networking, which provides the group with a more transparent, dialectic, self‐correcting and viral working environment to nurture creative intercultural dialogue and expand their video collaboration. The Internet has also enabled this international artists’ consortium to bypass traditional media outlets in order to share in the creation, publishing, and self‐promotion of its collective works.

While working in collaboration, the ECVP group is in search for new modes of expression in the development of video art, building a new concept through utilizing the characteristics of participatory platforms and new communication technology.



View: CORPSE#1#2#3

View : CORPSE#4#5#6






Formverk Gallery

Exquisite Corpse Video Project – Corpse #1 to #9

The Vitruvian Woman

Date: March 14, 2009

Location: Eskilstuna, near Stockholm, Sweden

Venue: Formverk (Sweden)

Website or Map:



The Lupa Art

Exquisite Corpse Video Project – Corpse #1 to #9

Date: November 2008

Venue: The Lupa Art in Melbourne, (Australia)

Information pending…

aluCine 2008

Exquisite Corpse Video Project – Corpse #1 to #9

Date: Nov. 20, 2008 at 12pm to Nov. 29, 2008 at 12pm

Location: Toronto, Canada

Street: 90 Oxford Street – Suite # 8 Toronto – M5T 1P3 ON

City/Town: Toronto

Website or Map:

Event Type: festival, international, film, short, video

VANSA, Visual Arts Network of South Africa

Exquisite Corpse Video Project

Date: October 30, 2008 at 6pm

Location: Western Cape

City/Town: Cape Town, South Africa

Website or Map:

Rural Research Laboratories @ the Arnot Art Museum

Exquisite Corpse Video Project #1 to #3

Date: October 14, 2008 at 6pm to October 28, 2008 at 6pm

Location: Arnot Art Museum

Street: 254 Baldwin Street. Elmira, New York 14901

City/Town: Elmira, New York

Website or Map:

Event Type: international, video

Indie – Mostra de Cinema Mundial

Exquisite Corpse Video Project – Corpse #2

Time: October 9, 2008 at 6pm to October 16, 2008 at 6pm

Location: Belo Horizonte, Brasil

City/Town: Belo Horizonte | SÃO PAULO

Website or Map:

Event Type: festival, international, film

AZAdigitalCINEMAfestival, Thessaloniki, Greece

Exquisite Corpse Video Project – Corpse #1 to #6

Date: September 2008

The AZAshortFILMfestiva (Greece).

Website or Map:

Event Type: festival, international, film

Monkey Town

Exquisite Corpse Video Project – Corpse #1 to #6

Date: August 18, 2008 at 10:30pm

Venue: Monkey Town, Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY. (USA)

Website or Map:

Formverk Gallery

Exquisite Corpse Video Project – Corpse #1 to #3

Date: 4 June 2008 – 7 June 2008

Venue: Eskilstuna, near Stockholm, Sweden

Venue: Formverk (Sweden)

Website or Map:



Corpse #1

Running time: 7’56’

Marty McCutcheon (USA) | Ambuja Magaji (India) | Kika Nicolela (Brazil) | Zachary Sandler (USA) |

Simone Stoll (Germany) | John Pirard (Belgium) | Niclas Hallberg (Sweden) | Anders Weberg (Sweden)


Running time: 7’33’

Michael Chang (Denmark) | Niclas Hallberg (Sweden) | Marty McCutcheon (USA) | Alison Williams

(South Africa) | Stina Pehrsdotter (Sweden) | Kika Nicolela (Brazil) | Per E Riksson (Sweden)


Running time: 8’14’

John Pirard (Belgium) | Kika Nicolela (Brazil) | Anders Weberg (Sweden) | Joy Whalen (USA) | Marty

McCutcheon (USA) | Ulf Kristiansen (Norway) | Niclas Hallberg (Sweden) | Simone Stoll (Germany)

Corpse #4

Running time: 10’29’

Marty McCutcheon (USA) | Niclas Hallberg (Sweden) | Abram (France) | John Pirard (Belgium) |

Brad Wise (USA) | Ronee Hui (England) | Lucas Bambozzi (Brazil) | Kai Lossgott (South Africa) | Kika Nicolela (Brazil)


Running time: 09’58’

Michael Chang (Denmark) | Joshua & Zachary Sandler (USA) | Simone Stoll (Germany) | Stina

Pehrsdotter (Sweden) | Alberto Guerreiro (Portugal) | Niclas Hallberg (Sweden) | Ambuja Magaji (India)

| Dellani Lima (Brazil) | Per E Riksson (Sweden)


Running time: 09’13’

Kika Nicolela (Brazil) | Alicia Felberbaum (England) | Ulf Kristiansen (Norway) | Anders Weberg

(Sweden) | Marty McCutcheon (USA) | Jan Kather (USA) | John Pirard (Belgium) | Arthur Tuoto (Brazil) |

Nung‐Hsin Hu (Taiwan)

Total program running time: 52’03”


We propose 2 options of exhibition.
01 screen projection: all 6 videos are screened in the same projection, in looping
‐ Dark screening room
‐ High quality video projector
‐ DVD player or computer to play the medias
‐ 02 high quality sound speakers

03 screens projection: each projection screens 2 videos in looping. The projections can be
placed in the same room in different walls, or side by side in the same wall.

‐ Dark screening room
‐ 03 High quality video projector
‐ 03 DVD player or computer to play the medias
‐ 06 high quality sound speakers



Hélène Abram

b. 1973, France

Hélène Abram is a video artist, filmmaker, and

screenwriter in Paris. A 2002 graduate of France’s

renowned state film school, La fémis, Hélène makes

documentaries, short fictions, and experimental

films and videos. Her works have received numerous

festival awards, including a Grand prix expérimental

from the Côté court festival in Pantin, France for her

2006 movie Reconstitution.

Lucas Bambozzi

b. 1965, Brazil

Lucas Bambozzi is a multimedia artist and curator

based in São Paulo, Brazil. His award-winning

works include installations, single-channel videos,

short films, and interactive projects that have been

shown in more than 40 countries, including the 2005

Share Festival 2005 in Italy; Videoformes 2005 in

France; Spio 2005 at the HTTP Gallery in London;

Interconnect 2006 at ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany;

Pensé Sauvage at Frankfurter Kunstverein in Germany

(2007), Emergentes 2007/2008 at Laboral in Gijon,

Spain and the 2008 HeARTbeat Festival in Moscow.

Michael Båstrup Chang

b. 1973, Denmark

Alumnus of The London Institute Central Saint

Martins College of Art & Design. Living and working

in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Per E. Riksson

b.1964, Sweden

Per Riksson is a contemporary painter, performer,

video artist, and comic illustrator in Stockholm,

whose solo work has been exhibited in the US and

Northern Europe. Trained at the Konstfack University

College of Arts, Crafts, and Design, Per founded

the noted multimedia and performance art group

Cyberia City, for which he served as curator and

projects leader from 1992-2007.

Alicia Felberbaum

b.1950 , Argentina

Alicia Felberbaum is a multimedia artist based in

London, graduated from Goldsmiths, University of

London with a Master in Fine Arts. A recipient of

several art grants, Alicia was awarded a Fellowship

from NESTA (the National Endowment for Science,

Technology and the Arts) for research on the

relationships between interactivity, databases, and

the narrative form. Her work includes installations,

interactive projects and video shorts that have been

shown internationally in festivals and exhibitions,

including the EMAF, Osnabruck, Germany; F I L E

2005 and Videobrasil, Sao Paulo, Brasil (2005); Viper

Basel Switzerland; Sónar A La Carte, Barcelona,

Spain (2006); Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham, UK;

IMA, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia;

Axis, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2000).

Alberto Guerreiro

b. 1969, Angola

A Portuguese-African native, Alberto Guerreiro

is an anthropologist, museum curator, and new

media performance artist in Lisbon, Portugal. His

visual projects include single-channel videos and

film, documentaries, explorations of found footage,

experimental video art, and conceptual photography.

Alberto is also the creator and main curator of the

FocFest—Freedom of Choice International Video

Festival, which, in 2008, takes place in the cities of

Lisbon, Istanbul, and Yerevan.

Niclas Hallberg

b. 1965, Sweden

Niclas Hallberg is a freelance artist working with

video, photo, installation, and painting, among other

mediums. He has participated in solo and group

exhibitions in Sweden, China, Finland, Serbia, and

Poland. His experimental works often deal with

questions concerning identity, the environment,

and humanity. He has made several videos

commissioned by other artists and museums, and he

is a co-founder of Formverk, an artist-run exhibition

space in Stockholm.

Nung-Hsin Hu

b. 1981, Taiwan

After completing her bachelor degree in Special

Education from the National Hsinchu University of

Education in Taiwan, Nung-Hsin Hu moved to New

York to pursue her Master in Fine Arts at Long Island

University. She is a sculptor, installation, and video

artist who has shown her work in New York City,

Long Island, and Taiwan. In 2008, the International

Sculpture Center honored Nung-Hsin with the

Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary

Sculpture Award.

Ronee Hui


Ronee Hui is a London-based artist, whose work has

been shown in Germany, Lithuania, Spain, Canada,

China, and Cuba. Graduating from Middlesex

University in 2002 with a Master in Fine Arts under

Professor Jon Thompson, she works across a

range of media including object- and text-based

works, as well as sculpture, installation, video and

photography. Her major shows include the 6th

Sharjah International Biennial of Contemporary Art

in the United Arab Emirates, and the 25th Viper

International Festival of Film, Video and New Media,

in Basel, Switzerland.

Jan Kather

b. 1951, USA

Jan Kather teaches photography, video art,

humanities, and women’s studies courses at Elmira

College in upstate New York, as well as photography

courses at Cornell University. She is the recipient

of several artist grants, including, a 2007 NYSCA

Decentralization Artists Crossroads Program Grant

for the community art installation, Aleatoric Video.

She is also an active member of Rural Research

Laboratories in Elmira and the State of the Art

Gallery in Ithaca.

Ulf Kristiansen

b. 1969, Norway

Ulf Kristiansen is a painter and video-artist currently

living at Nesodden, a peninsula outside of Oslo,

Norway. While starting out as a figurative painter,

Ulf is now mainly focusing on 3D animation and

machinima projects that have been shown in

numerous international video festivals and exhibitions.

Dellani Lima

b. 1975, Brazil

Dellani Lima is a filmmaker, musician, and producer

from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. For the past ten years,

he has performed in two musical intervention

groups, “Em Dias de Surto,” and “E Disse Que Era

Economists,” which he founded and also provides

digital support for. His major exhibitions include

showings at Media Forum in Moscow, the Hamburg

International Short Film Festival, the JVC Tokyo

Video Festival, Video Brazil, and South Africa’s KO

Video Festival.

Kai Lossgott

b. 1980, Germany

Kai Lossgott is a South African writer and artist

working in video, performance art, and experimental

film. Kai graduated in sculpture and painting at the

National School of the Arts. He holds a BJourn in

documentary filmmaking and dance theatre from

Rhodes University and a Masters in Creative Writing

from the University of Cape Town. He has lectured in

visual and digital art at the University of South Africa,

at The University of Pretoria, and in the Department

of Digital Arts at WITS University. As a writer, he

holds a special interest in video poetry.

Ambuja Magaji

b. 1979, India

Born in Bangalore, India, Ambuja Magaji currently

resides in Cranston, Rhode Island. She holds a

Bachelor of Fine Art specializing in printmaking

from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath in Bangalore,

as well as a Master of Arts in Media Studies from

Rhode Island College. As an artist, Ambuja’s work

involves the social and political roles that define

cultural identities. Her recent solo video installation

in Bangalore, titled ”Body Desire,” was about the

transgender people in India, known as “Hijras.”

Marty McCutcheon

b. 1967, USA

Marty is a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist who

lives and works in Berkeley, California. His nearly

two hundred collected paintings hang in numerous

personal and corporate art collections throughout

the world. Over the past twenty years, he has

also explored a variety of mediums, including

experimental film, video art and instillation;

graphic design; music and audio production; and

assemblages created from recycled and found


Kika Nicolela

b. 1976, Brazil

Kika is an artist and filmmaker, whose work includes

video art, installations, and photography. A 2003

Film and Video graduate of the University of Sao

Paulo, Kika has also studied film at the University of

California, Los Angeles. Her award-winning videos

have been screened at film festivals in more than

30 countries, and she has participated in solo and

collective exhibitions in Brazil, USA, Canada, France,

Spain, Portugal, Poland, and Sweden. A recipient

of several art and film grants, Kika is a nominee

of the Sergio Motta Award of Art and Technology,

UNESCO’s Breaking the Chain Award, and the

Nascente Art Award.

Stina Pehrsdotter

b. 1966, Sweden

Stina Pehrsdotter is a curator and artist, working

in street, installation, and performance art inspired

by the human body and its environment. A Textile

Arts graduate from Umeå University, Sweden, she

has participated in numerous exhibitions at home

and abroad. As a curator, she has arranged several

showings in a variety of contexts. She is also one

of the founders of Formverk, an artist-run exhibition

place in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

John Pirard

b. 1977, Belgium

John Pirard is a video artist and professional film

editor living and working in Brussels. He has edited

many award-winning films, which have screened

in major film festivals in the US, Europe, and Asia.

The Exquisite Corpse Video Project represents the

first time John has publicly exhibited his own video

work, which he shot using a point-and-shoot digital


Joshua and Zachary Sandler

b. 1977 & 1979, USA

Joshua and Zachary Sandler are Brooklyn based

artists who come from different backgrounds.

Zachary is trained in theatre and performance (UCD

MA Modern Drama and Performance Studies),

while Joshua is an experienced photographer (Pratt

MFA Photography). They work collaboratively on

video art that uses performance along with media

collected from their family as a means to investigate

the feelings of alienation and fantasy they have

experienced growing up in a dysfunctional American


Simone Stoll

b. 1967, Germany

Simone Stoll studied in Berlin and London, has

lived in France, Iceland and continues to travel. Her

research is based on body and mind, human studies

interwoven with her personal experience, earlier in

form of painting, she now concentrates on drawing,

photo and video. She has collaborated with neuroscientist

and multi-media artists. Her work is intimate

and sometimes raw and always poetic in search for

beauty. Her means are simple and direct; she is the

sole performer of her videos and model to photos.

She has been artist-in-residence with the Museum of

Reykajvik, the Academ of the Arts Berlin and others.

Her work can be found in European collections and

has been shown in Canada, Europe and the USA. In

2007, she received the Pollock Krasner Foundation


Arthur Tuoto

b. 1986, Brazil

Arthur is an independent video maker and film

critic in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His works include

video art, short films, music videos, experimental

documentaries, and photography. Using

experimental digital narrative, he seeks to create

contemporary, atmospheric and celebrative cinema.

The subject of his work tends to be alienation,

loneliness, and spirituality. His videos have been

exhibited in worldwide festivals and TV Channels.

Anders Weberg

b. 1968, Sweden

Anders is an artist and filmmaker working in video,

sound, new media and installations. Specializing

in digital technologies, he aims to mix genres and

ways of expression to explore the potential of visual

media. Anders lives and works in the small coastal

town of Angelholm in the south of Sweden, and he

has exhibited at numerous art festivals, galleries, and

museums internationally.

Joy Whalen

b. 1983, USA

Raised in Chicago, Illinois, Joy now resides in New

York City where her work combines multimedia,

drawing, performance, video, and installation. She

received her Master of Fine Arts from Pratt Institute

in 2007, and, in May of that year, she had her first

major solo show, What They Found, at Chicago’s

Flatfile Galleries. Joy is also the 2008 recipient of the

Brooklyn Arts Council Regrant Award.

Alison Williams

b. 1966, South Africa

Alison is a self-taught artist, who holds degrees

in Psychology and Philosophy from the Nelson

Mandela Metropolitan University. Seeing art as a

vision and a voice, her video arts seeks out the

mundane as well as obtuse, and reveals, in things

once hidden, that lost essence of life. Although she

is mainly a performer, Alison’s video work has been

shown in festivals around the world, and she paints

when she has the time.

Brad Wise

b. 1967, USA

Brad is a photographer, filmmaker, writer, editor,

and communications specialist living in the San

Francisco Bay Area. He holds a degree in Cultural

Anthropology from the University of California,

Santa Cruz, and he has studied film, theater, and

art history at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

Major exhibitions have included showings at the

Fotografisk Center in Copenhagen and the Centro

Cultural Andratx in Mallorca, Spain.




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