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| The Only Constant | London

February 24, 2010

Video Is The Only Constant @ Corsica Studios.
March 3, 2010 – Corsica Studios 4/5 Elephant Road London SE17 1LB
+44 (0) 20 7703 4760. Free event.

The Only Constant, a collective of emerging video and filmmakers based in London, have joined forces with Corsica Studios for the monthly screening event ‘VIDEO IS THE ONLY CONSTANT’, a night of screenings followed by open discussions.

This month V.O.C includes live video and theatric performances, installations and video screenings from artists based internationally as well as the UK. Discussions with all artists involved in the night are a core element of V.O.C. Artists involved are invited to talk about their work and to respond to feedback from spectators. T.O.C want to know what has inspired an artist to create their work, their aims and ideas behind their art and ultimately understand the very essence behind an artist’s creation.

Ulf Kristiansen

The Tiger and the Lamb, 2009, Norway, 2’30

An animation based on 2 poems by William Blake.


Matthias David Huser
Dogs, UK, 30’00

A car dealer who believes he is a cowboy. A man in a suit who has been looking for his dog for years. Two illusions and one band. – A roadmovie.

David Terranova and James Mountford
Afterlife (a requiem), 2009, UK, 3’40

An experimentation of light and shadows, with Nick Cave’s son Jethro and his girlfriend Sophie Willing.


Barry Gene Murphy and Shaun O Connor
Disembodied #1, UK, 1’31

An exploration of human form using structured light 3D scanning techniques.


John Bradburn
Distance, 2010, UK, video installation / Limits, 2010, UK, video installation

John Bradburn is a lecturer in Film Technology at Staffordshire University as well as a journalist for Vertigo Magazine on experimental cinema. His first feature Kyle (2007) was shown at the Seattle International Film Festival, West County Los Angeles Film Festival and Flatpack film festivals.


Body Without Organs by Giada Ghiringhelli


Christina Millare
Christina Millare is a video artist based in the UK. She is one of the founding members of The Only Constant and she is the curator of Together Our Space Gallery in London. Her other projects include the bands, Eve Black/Eve White and An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump.

Morgan Beringer
Morgan Beringer is an American video artist based in East London. Having spent and continuing to spend much of his life in transit between different countries, the thrust of his creative concern stems from the dilemma of living in-between cultures. An academic background in both philosophy and art pushes these concerns further into the realms of linguistics, performance, and film/video art. Strongly influenced by early Structuralist filmmakers, (such as Michael Snow, Kurt Kren, etc.) Wittgenstein, and Gaspar Noe’s film Enter the Void, Morgan’s abstract work explores the expressive possibilities of the middle ground between still and moving images as a revelatory experience of aesthetic
and linguistic ambiguity.

Giada Ghiringhelli
Giada Ghiringhelli (b. 1981) is a Swiss new media artist and videomaker graduated with a MFA in Computer Art at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York and currently living in London. She is also a cofounder of the art, video and film collective The Only Constant (London).

Kit Grill (Vessel Music)
Kit Grill graduated in Graphic Design from Chelsea College of Art and Design in June 2009. Since 2009, Kit founded, designed and now runs Vessel Music, a creative electronic music community which focuses on individual musicians and record labels within the vast ocean of electronic music.

For more information download The Only Constant 2010 03 03 Catalog.

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